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11 Reasons to buy a Brahmin plot in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city with a magic about it. It has a soul quintessentially ethnic but is surrounded by an aura which is modern in every sense, making it a perfect blend ethnicity that brews with a dash of modernity. Shankara Agrahara is the best real estate seller of modern Brahmin plots. By Buying a Brahmin plot in Shankara Agrahara you are ensuring yourself and your kids not just a living but a Brahmanic way of life not compromising on modern principles of living. At Shankara Agrahara your plot gives you not just returns but a promise of a future home filled with joy, peace, serenity, wealth, health, abundance in all aspects and above all a holistic life. Shankara Agrahara is Agra or first in following traditional vaastu shastra while plotting the land to ensure that the buyer derives prosperity out of a small piece of land which he purchases with his hard earned savings. 11 reasons why you can buy a plot in Bangalore are:

  • Bangalore has been a hub of Vedic Culture with families nurturing and carrying down the same to the younger generations even in the midst of modernity
  • Bangalore has huge land parcels around it surrounded by greenery and good number of water bodies ensuring smooth supply of water, making it the most preferred city.
  • It is considered the birth place of Indian IT revolution started by a Brahmin Mr N R Narayana Murthy and still continues to inspire many such growth stories making it a land of opportunities to be explored
  • Bangalore is a city well connected to all the major cities and towns by excellent bus services operated by KSRTC, private tour operators, and are a major railway junction well connected by number of trains operated by Indian railways and have the best international air port in India.
  • It has the best Doctors and hospitals with good infrastructure facilities to cater to any of your health needs. Dr Devi Shetty has established the first state of the art Narayana Hrudayala centres, and many such doctors followed suit making it a best health care provider city.
  • The city is well connected by buses and "Namma Metro” which makes it a favourable investment destination.
  • Many IT companies like Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft have established a firm base in Bangalore making it the silicon valley of India and many IT companies are still thronging Bangalore churning out careers for millions.
  • Bangalore has seen beyond IT and it has now become a hub for automobile, soft drinks, agri products manufacturing companies making it a lucrative investment destination.
  • Though cosmopolitan in nature, it has the aura of tradition and culture emanating from the sounds of ringing bells in its temples making it stacked in the divinity of god. People thronging temples in quest for inner Brahman or the purified self amidst chaos, hustle and bustle of modern living make it a distinct destination for a purchase of Brahmin plot.
  • It is an emerging education centre with good schools, medical colleges, engineering colleges, B-Schools such as IIM making it the most sought after destination.
  • In Bangalore at Shankara Agrahara you live life to your fullest, the quest for your investment destination to buy a Brahmin plot ends at Shankara Agrahara. At Shankara Agrahara we follow ethics in all aspects and have all the requisite approvals from the authorities and give our buyers the best Brahmin plots. In the words of Poet Chief Luther standing Bear "

"But we were wise. We knew that man's heart, away from nature, becomes hard."
We understand that our inner self or Brahman is one with nature, and have ensured that nature surrounds your future homes.

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