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OM sarveShaa.n svastirbhavatu sarveShaa.n shaantirbhavatu
sarveShaa.n puurNa.n bhavatu sarveShaa.n maN^gala.n bhavatu"
OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH"
" May all become fortunate, may all attain peace, - may all achieve perfection, and may all be blessed. OM !! is our motto ".
Agrahara or an Agraharam, refers to garland or row of houses inhabited by Brahmins running north south on either side of the road from the temple. Agraharams are constructed on the traditional practices of Agama shastra. The society has been modernised and people have blended themselves into living in closed apartments and secluded life. It is important to concentrate on ventilation, airiness and certain aspects of vaasthu to buy a home or plot. Our shankara Agraharam is a culmination point for vaasthu-perfected plots, houses and apartments based on ancient guidelines blended with modern amenities with- out any compromises and helps one meet exchange ideas with like minded people. Shankara Agraharam offers plots, apartments and villas in serene and pristine localities nearby to schools, hospitals and other infrastructural facilities. Utmost care has been taken in ensuring that even the soil present is checked for its strength and quality for designing housing projects.Agraharas are based on certain principles which we have adhered to in designing our lay-outs in a very cautious and concise manner.
Ethnicity merges with contemporary design and principles of modern living with greenery cover round the projects with special herbal trees, plants, flower plants to ensure complete living in midst of nature. The interior lay-outs are designed as per prescribed vaasthu guidelines, ensuring peace and prosperity to the buyers. Adavita guru Sri Adi Shankara mentions that the only cure to all ailments is to be engrossed in the state of Brhama or Brahmana. Our focus is to help an individual sustain his material living without leaving his customs and traditions which help in attaining brahmand.

It is the first of its kind elite Brahmin township with all modern amenities like walk-area, gym, cycling track, children's play area, temple and shopping complexes. We ensure that our constructions with stand the vagaries of nature such as massive earthquakes, floods or thunder-storms and we have designed the amenities with robust material without compromise on quality. We have ensured that our lay-outs bring in purity of mind, health to the body and let noble thoughts come form everywhere"

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Admin Office:
Sanathana Dharma Parirakshana Trust
306, 1st Floor,
17th Cross, 2nd Block,
R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru – 560 032.
T: 080-23330019, 080-23330058
E : dharmadhikari@vedicagraharam.com

Site Address:
Shankara Agraharam - The Vedic Village
Hampasandra Village,
Gudibande Taluk,
Chikballapur District,

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SHANKARA AGRAHARAM – The Vedic Village promoted by Sanathana Dharma Parirakshana Trust, has its sole project at Hampasandra Village, Chikballapur, Karnataka and has no other projects/ branches.