Welcome to Sanathana Dharma Parirakshana Trust

THE TRUST has been promoted with the objective “To preserve, protect, propagate and strengthen intellectual identity, integrity and self- esteem of the noble culture of Sanathana Dharma, spanning its various sampradayas and traditions represented by Acharyas and Gurus” and is registered as a Charitable Trust at Sringeri, Karnataka.

Advisory Board

  1. Shriyuths . H.Subramhanya Jois , BA., Bcom, BL Supreme Court, Advocate - Chairman
  2. Padmasri. Dr. K.S. Gopinath, Surgical Oncologist - Co-Chairman
  3. Dr.Padmini Prasad MBBS,MD OBG - Co-Chair Person
  4. Dr. Anoop Amarnath, (Geriatric Specialist) Director, Apollo Hospital - Member
  5. Prof. Pruthvish, Community Medicine, M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Medial Sciences - Member
  6. Prof. Krishnamoorthy - Member
  7. Dr. Anil Sangli –MBBS,DNB (Neurosurgeon) - Member
  8. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan - MBBS, MD - Member
  9. Dr. Seema V Chalaih - Member
  10. Sri. Gururaja Upendra, Chartered Accountant - Member
  11. Sri. Sripad, Financial Analyst - Member
  12. Sri. K.N.Parameswaran, Air India - Member

Board Of Trustees

  1. Dr. V P Rao, Chairman & Managing Trustee
  2. Mr. Phani Kumar S, Executive Trustee
  3. Mrs. Kalyani, Trustee