Welcome to Sanathana Dharma Parirakshana Trust

THE TRUST has been promoted with the objective “To preserve, protect, propagate and strengthen intellectual identity, integrity and self- esteem of the noble culture of Sanathana Dharma, spanning its various sampradayas and traditions represented by Acharyas and Gurus” and is registered as a Charitable Trust at Sringeri, Karnataka.


Download Membership and Allotment Form

  1. Please go through Procedure for Membership & Allotments.
  2. Take a print out of Application Form.
  3. Complete the form and affix your signatures at the two places marked.
  4. Scan the photograph separately, with out pasting it on the form.
  5. Scan the requisite documents for Identity & Residence Proof.
  6. Please make Electronic transfer of money. Please contact office or email
  7. Enter the UTR Code or Transaction Id generated in the Application Form at Payment Particulars.
  8. Scan the Completed Form.
  9. E- mail the scanned copies of Form, Photo & Other documents to
  10. You shall receive a confirmation acknowledging the receipt of Application and the Payment within 48 hours. Failing which you may contact the Administrator on Phone 080-65 33 55 15/16 mail