Welcome to Sanathana Dharma Parirakshana Trust

THE TRUST has been promoted with the objective “To preserve, protect, propagate and strengthen intellectual identity, integrity and self- esteem of the noble culture of Sanathana Dharma, spanning its various sampradayas and traditions represented by Acharyas and Gurus” and is registered as a Charitable Trust at Sringeri, Karnataka.

Residential Plots

As a primary source for funding the entire township, establishment of the proposed institutions and creating a Corpus Fund for the Trusts’ long term activities, residential plots are being offered for sale to individuals of Brahmin Community alone, irrespective of sects, sub-sects, sampradaya, traditions, affiliations or linguistic groups.. on a first come basis.

(a)The Residential Block of 1200 plots,on 120 Acre land is ideally suited for those individuals from Brahmin community irrespective of their Sampradayas to live true to their traditions with strict regime and rituals amongst fellow members sharing common cultural, religious and spiritual foundations/ backgrounds, in a manner that will bring out the glory and diversity of beliefs, systems and paths of Sanathanadharma.

The members must be able to share the vision of the emergence of the institutions, cultural values which township epitomizes and have commitment to pass-on the self-esteem of the noble culture of Sanathana Dharma for generations to come. The township is located 4 kms off the Hyderabad Highway ( N.H.7) and is fully accessible by BT Road. The site is about 45 kms from Devanhalli Airport, 30 kms from Chickballpur town and 5 kms ahead of Bagepalli town. The site falls in Gudebande Taluq of Chickballapur District Karnataka.

(b) All Residential Plots are of 1500 Sq.Ft. area with uniform dimensions of 30 X 50. Each applicant shall contribute Rs. 6, 41,116/- towards the following: Cost of residential plot of 1500 Sq.Ft. including development charges - Rs.6, 41,116/- The Payments shall be made along with Application Form ONLY by way of Account Payee Cheques/ Demand Draft payable at Bengaluru, drawn in favour of SHANKARA AGRAHARAM for Rs.6, 41,116/- and Initial Payment of Rs. 2,41,116/- Remaining Rs. 4 Lakhs in 4 Installments of Rs. 1 Lakh Each.