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Life is a culmination of nature and celebration. Living in the lap of nature with our loved ones is indeed a blessing and celebration. Shankara Agrahara revisits the principles of Brahmanical way of life blended with the spices of modern living elements in a very eco-friendly manner.

Shankara Agrahara is not just the best real estate seller of Residential Brahmin plots, but ensures complete and holistic well-being of brahmin community as a whole. Shankara Agrahara is driven by the principle of
Dharm~Eva Hato Hanti, Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah!
Tasma~Dharmo Na Hantvyo, Ma No Dharmo Hato~Vadhit!!”
Which means: Dharma destroys the destroyed; Dharma protects the protected.

Therefore, Dharma does not destroy, nor Dharma can be destroyed.
It is Manava dharma to protect nature. Born as a human being we must harness nature not destroy it. Undoubtedly modern way of constructions has disturbed the ecological balance between man and earth.

At Shankara Agrahara we ensure to integrate modern way of life with age old ancient traditional and earthly living. We ensure state of the art Brahminic township and plots crafted with utmost diligence, uncompromising quality and put in our relentless efforts to deliver the best ever brahmin residential township.

Investing in Shankara Agrahara will the landmark decision of your life. Our projects are the most secure, reliable, admired and highly appreciated by our existing clientele who are family for us. Come be a part of our family and celebrate and experience the uniqueness of Santana Dharma.

Gift your kids and grandchildren the best ever gift that they would have never dreamt of. A place in Shankara Agrahara would be a blessing in every aspect for our future generations, a gift of pure air, beautiful environs and above all holistic well-being.

Shankara Agrahara where modern way of life discovers its ancient roots. We just don’t build houses, but ensure that we build homes that stand on the pillars of dharma and protect our ecological balance.

So what are you waiting for.. Gift yourself and your next generation.. The Ultimate Legacy.. Legacy of Values, Culture and Belief System.. A Legacy of being a Brahmin.

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Admin Office:
Sanathana Dharma Parirakshana Trust
306, 1st Floor,
17th Cross, 2nd Block,
R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru – 560 032.
T: 080-23330019, 080-23330058
E : dharmadhikari@vedicagraharam.com

Site Address:
Shankara Agraharam - The Vedic Village
Hampasandra Village,
Gudibande Taluk,
Chikballapur District,

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SHANKARA AGRAHARAM – The Vedic Village promoted by Sanathana Dharma Parirakshana Trust, has its sole project at Hampasandra Village, Chikballapur, Karnataka and has no other projects/ branches.